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By: Dr. Donald A. Miller
At a minimum, walk a mile or more several times a week (or daily) and move the arms and wrists around to loosen up the joints.

If you can't walk or ride a stationary bicycle, use a rowing machine, swim, or join wheel chair races. My paddle-wheel stationary bike uses arms as well as legs,
and the resistance by air goes exponentially with RPM.

If you can do none of these things, you have my sympathy.

I had a young colleague who suffered from polio in child-hood, so one leg was short and supported by a built-up shoe. One day, this person was absent from the office, because a lung had collapsed. He should at least have worked up his pulse rate and breathing on a rowing machine, several times
per week.

Recent TV news said walking as little as 2? hours per week can reduce rates of breast cancer, so 5 hours can't hurt females or males.

I find that a brisk half hour walk raises my pulse to about 115, then it drops back below 70 by the time I have finished my morning shower. My normal neighborhood route measures 1.8 miles.

When weather, darkness, shortness of free time, or mood keep me from outdoor walking, I do some or all of the following:
* At least 15 push-ups
* At least 15 chin-ups with legs raised
* At least 30 turns at skip-rope
* Arm, shoulder, and wrist stretches
* Rope stretching isometrics
* At least 5 minutes above mid-scale on my paddle-wheel bike
* Back exercises
These don't have to be done all in one session or on the same day. Arrange the order so that muscles can recover between sets. Do what feels comfortable.

Despite bad memories for many veterans, Army Calisthenics can work off tension, build strength and endurance, and actually make one feel pretty good.

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

About the author:
Dr. Miller is author of ""Easy Health Diet""""Exercise for
Juniors to Seniors"" numerous free articles on health
Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.

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