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By: Tom
It is not compulsory to shed enormous weight for a good health gain. Moderate weight loss brings healthy news to your body. Even before you achieve the set goal, you begin to reap the benefits.

If you are obese, try to lose the first 10 kg and see how it positively affects your body and mind.


? 20% fall in total mortality
? 30%fall in diabetes related deaths
? 40% fall in obesity related cancer deaths

Blood Pressure

? Fall of 10mm Hg systolic B.P.
? Fall of 20mm Hg diastolic B.P.

Diabetes Mellitus

? Fall of 50% in tasting glucose


? Fall of 10% in total cholesterol
? Fall of 15% in low density lipoproteins cholesterol
? Increase in 8% of high density dipoproteins cholesterol

Tips to lose the 10kg

? Regular exercise
? Say no to junk food
? Change your life style
? Eat moderately
? More salads and carbohydrates in food
? Take Diet Pills

Once you begin to feel good about your weight loss and health, you will be more careful in choosing your diets.
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