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By: Michael Ottman
?It's now on top since low carb recipes have turned the food pyramid upside down.

The craze over low carb recipes is one of the major reasons why beef is back! Until recently, the beef industry leaders had about as much interest in celebrity doctors and their low carbohydrate recipes as I do in thinking about eating liver...ugh! But thanks to The Atkins Diet recipes, Dr. Phil's Diet,and Hollywood's Hottest Diet- The Zone Diet, low carbohydrate recipe program, red meat sales are skyrocketing. And you know what that means! The wholesale price of beef is up
100% in less than two years. Soooooo, now you know to thank the craze over low carb recipes for skyrocketing beef prices! For heaven's sake, beer manufacturers and ice cream makers are even marketing low carb products these days.

Everyone's body chemistry is different, and a diet rich in low carb foods that works for
one person may not work for another. You need to know the best way for

Ready -- Set -- Lose!

In the past decade, Americans have had, and used, every excuse not to diet. Low Carb Diets and weight loss programs, they reasoned, almost always fail. Unless, like Oprah, you hire your own personal chef to feed you with low carb recipes and a personal trainer for exercise. However,
this time it's different. The popularity of low carb recipes is changing the way we eat forever. Whether you're a life long weight watcher, new to the world of low carb recipes, or a weight loss programs veteran, there are thousands of free resources for low carb diet advice and free low carb recipes. These resources are designed specifically to help guide you down the path to better health and a happier lifestyle.

Perhaps you're a busy executive, a harried mom, or someone who travels frequently, if so, check out online dieting and weight loss program recommendations. You'll even find companies that provide daily delivery of high quality prepared meals using low carb recipes directly to your door. The significant growth of online diets and weight loss programs in recent years clearly indicates the demand for low carb foods and low carb recipes is here to stay.

About the author:
Michael is the editor of www.dieting-and-weight-loss-programs.comwhere you can get the answers you need about weight loss programs, low carb diets, low carb foods, free weight loss programs resources, and more. Subscribe to "The Dietsource" newsletter at get free weight loss management advice. See more related articles at

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