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By: John Lim
Hemorrhoids have two main causes: diet, and toilet-strain. Studies have also shown that these two causes are linked because eating bad food can lead to constipation which then leads to straining on the toilet.

A diet that lacks fiber contributes to hemorrhoids. This is why the Western diet which is rich in processed foods has been linked to causing hemorrhoids. The simple treatment or solution is to consume more fiber foods such as fiber rich cereal, bananas and bread.

Today?s modern toilets are built to be more comfortable. However, this actually encourages straining. People who read while sitting in the toilet also stand a higher chance of getting hemorrhoids due to the extra pressure to the anal veins which are caused by sitting in the toilet for too long. So while it may seem enjoyable, try not to read while passing motion!

While diet and toilet straining seem to be the main causes of hemorrhoids, there are other factors involved. Other common hemorrhoid causes include aging, diarrhea, constipation, overuse of laxatives and even pregnancy.

Fortunately for women, while pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids as the fetus puts extra pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins, these cases are not serious. Nor will it harm the child. The hemorrhoids that occur in these cases will be mild. There may not be a need for treatment of any kind, so there?s no need to worry.

In most instances, you don't need to go through any treatment to cure yourself of hemorrhoids. Unless the case is very serious, your body will be able to heal itself. In fact, there are times when you won?t even realize that you had hemorrhoids. This is provided that nothing is done to aggravate the situation.

In some unfortunate cases, people who deal with chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea will also have to deal with hemorrhoids. The constant strain on the bowels is a major cause of hemorrhoids.

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