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By: Adam Waxler
Copyright 2005 Adam Waxler

Fad diets are well known for their promise of bringing some instant weight loss. However, while these diets may help you lose weight quick, they may also create health issues.

Here is some helpful fad diet advice:

1. It?s not recommended to do such a diet for more then 3 to 7 days, because they are unbalanced and are not meant to be a permanent way of eating.

2. While keeping the fad diet, do not overexert yourself, even if you feel fine during that time; the fad diet can become stressful on your body and overexerting can result in some major health issues.

3. You can often get very hungry at times, try drinking water to help manage hunger pains

4. After finishing the fad diet, don't start celebrating the end of dieting with food, otherwise all that effort will be in vain. Instead, focus on a balanced diet once you are done with the fad diet.

However, wouldn?t it make much more sense to focus on a long-term balanced diet and weight loss plan rather than risk your health?

Nutrition experts advise to permanently adopt healthy eating, rather than going on crash diets in order to loose weight quickly. Eating a balanced diet that consists of a wide variety of foods can make all the difference and it is the first principle of good and healthy nutrition. After a few weeks of fad diets, that usually consists of only one main food or type of food, you may find yourself developing nutritional deficiencies because no ?one? food has all the ingredients the body needs. In other words, there are no ?super-foods? that you should ?only? eat.

Another problem with fad dieting is that they violate a very important principle of nutrition?eating must be enjoyable. Fad diets tend to be so boring that almost no one can stay on them for too long without enormous amounts of sacrifices. Rather than going on a fad diet, you should consider that a daily 30 minute walk makes more sense than almost any fad diet. This helps you maintain your weight loss over a long period of time, and when combined with a good and healthy diet, will speed up the weight loss process.

The simple fact is the only way to lose weight and still be healthy is to eat less and maintain daily physical activity. With fresh fruits and vegetables, fat-free or low-fat dairy, broiled meat, no fried food, and some daily physical exercise, you will find out that losing weight is pretty easy and best of all is healthy.

Fad diets are everywhere. Anyone can try them, but remember, fad diets are usually made for the short-run, they are not designed to become a way of life, and that?s why you should think twice before continuing, or even starting a fad diet.

About the author:
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