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By: Dr. Donald A. Miller
Have you noticed that some people treat rental housing with total disrespect? Whether house or apartment, some people scuff the floors and trim, poke holes in walls, break toilets and faucets, let kids write on any surface, neglect worsening problems, omit to pay the rent by due date, then blame the landlord for all problems real or imagined.

Sometimes the same type of behavior exists with car rentals, but the major companies seem to keep up with service and repairs to protect resale value after one year. Even some pretty big problems can be totally cured with car surgery.

Have you also noticed that most people, even the horrible renters, do a very good job of maintenance once they own the title and the mortgage? I'm not making this up.

Are you aware that the major health problems in "modern" countries are caused by tobacco, obesity, poor nutrition, lack of exercise? Various health agencies say that such self abuse causes at least 7 of 10 deaths through resulting chronic diseases.

In other words, the majority of us are committing slow suicide by treating our biological machines as if we are only renting, able to move into other bodies if we just place a down payment and sign a contract for some low APR. Yet news reports tell us how bad our escalating health costs are, and how they will bankrupt this country, if military or other Federal expenses don't succeed first.

Fortunately, I am not the only person who has taken heed, and changed life style to include better diet and daily moderate exercise.

The sad truth is that corrective action really is not that difficult. All we have to do is think, and be honest with ourselves. After all, "think" is not a four letter word.

While Bill Clinton was blocking his heart arteries, I was lowering my cholesterol by more than a third, merely by
reducing the fats and sugars in my diet, not with pills. The only carbs I restrict are those in refined sugars, white flour, polished rice / grains, and beer. I have moved away from a high meat and dairy diet, but I am not a vegetarian. And I never go hungry.

If you crave food between meals, snack on raw vegetables, fruits, un-salted nuts, raisins, and similar. I have found that "GORP" (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) or raisins with almonds taste extremely sweet without added sugar. The fairly small amount of unsaturated fats in the nuts will do a lot to ward off hunger.

When I realized / admitted that my muscles were pretty out of condition, I started with stretches and walking, then researched such sources as Charles Atlas, Jack La Lanne, and army calisthenics for a self regulated range of exercises which cost next to nothing, and can be done in times and places of my choice. For bad weather, I admit to having a paddle wheel exer-cycle, but brisk walking in shopping centers or other large buildings also works.

I had taken my body for granted. Now I am in better health and fitness than when I passed age 60, feel and sleep better, don't get tired so easily, feel more alert. And my weight is the same as in my mid teen years.

My two health books and numerous free articles show that taking ownership and responsibility for one's body is not that difficult. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that some health advice violates biology, chemistry, physics, or just plain common sense. If the providers of advice want you to pay for more than the basic information, be skeptical, such as for magic pills to control weight.

The rewards are simply great. Slow the aging process, resist even scary diseases, lower medical costs, and on and on.

By the way, I am not criticising vitamin and mineral pills, if not used in excess.

It nauseates me to see people running after magic pills, worthless dietary supplements, and fad diets. The truth is available on the internet if you search out good sources of information. You don't have to trust just one reference.

Let the truth make you free from health and wealth robbing magic revelations.

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

About the author:
Dr. Donald A. Miller is author of "Easy Health Diet","Easy Exercise All Ages",and numerous free
articles on health
Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.

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